Gabriel’s Fire serves hospitality alongside barbecue

The Weekly Herald
By Katie Murdoch, Herald writer
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 18:45

Restaurant relocated from Ballard to Mountlake Terrace

MOUNTLAKE TERRACE — You shouldn’t have to leave Mountlake Terrace for a good meal, says Monty Slimp, co-owner of Gabriel’s Fire.

Monty and his brother Gabe can back that up. The Slimp brothers moved their Ballard-based restaurant, Gabriel’s Fire, to Mountlake Terrace last month. The restaurant is located at 5803 244th St. SW.

Gabriel’s Fire dishes up classic smoked barbecue while offering a warm, family-friendly atmosphere.

Monty Slimp said their relationship makes it easy for the brothers to run a business. “I’m tired of putting in hours with this guy,” Gabe Slimp quipped. On a serious note, Gabe Slimp said both bring different attributes to the table making it easy to balance each other out. “We’re two sides of the coin; we’re not stepping on each other’s toes,” he said.

From brisket to pork shoulder and the sauces they’re soaked in, everything on the menu is made from scratch.

“Everything is ours and we put our heart and soul into it,” Monty Slimp said. “It’s fun to create a smile when someone bites into your food.”

“I’ve been cooking all my life; it’s like breathing,” Gabe Slimp said. 

Beers come from local breweries and inventory is purchased domestically. Future philanthropy could include events where 20 percent of tips and sales go back into the community to support youth programs.

The brothers share a work ethic that covers more than the menu. Upon moving to their Mountlake Terrace location, the brothers had their work cut out remodeling the inside of the establishment. Monty Slimp built the bar, painted the walls and replaced the floor, resulting in an inviting and cozy place to dine. The walls are covered in local artists’ work.

The brothers opened the first Gabriel’s Fire in Ballard, but electrical issues at that location prompted the brothers to walk away.

While running a restaurant isn’t new to them, the brothers credit their understanding and supportive families to help them open in a new location.

“I’m proud of what we’re doing,” Monty Slimp said.